Why Do We Need a Good Sports Bra? | BraTopia

    Why Do We Need a Good Sports Bra? | BraTopia

    Why Do We Need a Good Sports Bra?

    Why are sports bras important?

    There are no muscles within the breasts, which means our breasts are a collection of fat and tissue. For that reason, our breasts are not strong enough to be held to the chest; they are only supported by 2 weak structures: the skin itself as well as ligaments named Cooper's ligaments. Our breasts naturally extend with age no matter what, but exercise without properly supporting breasts can make them stretch even more, especially during high-intensity workouts. And even if you don't care about breast ptosis, you have the potential for negative consequences such as pain if the breasts are not supported enough.


    What does a good sports bra deliver?

    A good sports bra delivers comfort and performance; it gives support, prevents breast pain, and limits movement during exercise. Research has shown that women have to work harder if they are not wearing sports bras when they exercise because the use of the upper body muscles increases if the breasts are not supported enough. Breasts have shown to be one of the biggest barriers for women when it comes to exercise, and that shows there is a lack of awareness of the importance of a correctly fitted sports bra with an appropriate level of support. They will not bother you anymore if you find the right size and shape.


    Our cup-sized sports bras come in different shapes depending on your bra size and the type of activities you take part in.

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