What will Colette be gifting this year? | BraTopia

    What will Colette be gifting this year? | BraTopia

    "This is my favourite time of year in store, we always have the best collection ready for gifting. The partners are coming in full force anywhere from hyperventilating on their way in to buy a gift card, or spending time with one of our fabulous fitters trying to find the perfect gift. We never sell men "beige bras" despite their practical popularity with our clientele. We understand what we do can be intimidating for both men and women - but we are here to help. Here are my top gift choices this month - most of which have made it into my personal collection."



    Let's see what our Chief Empowerment Officer picked for this delightful season.


    Arthill by Prima Donna

    Shimmery satin-look embroidery with a graphic pattern.

    Ramona by Playful Promises

    A barely-there illusion that is sure to turn heads.

    Sydney by Bracli

    Pearl panties for the most unforgettable sensation...

    India Suspender by Pour Moi

    The art of sexy seduction with the eyelash lace.

    Long Sleeve Teddy by Coquette

    Classic but still spicy.

    Marilyn Monroe Special Edition by Womanizer

    A moment of magic in style...

    Luxury Lubricant by Uberlube

    Feel all the things you want to feel.

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