Upcoming Live Workshop! | BraTopia

    Upcoming Live Workshop! | BraTopia

    BDSM 101

    with Rena Martine


    BDSM refers to a spectrum of sexual activities and preferences divided into the groups of "B"ondage and discipline, "D"ominance and submission, "S"adism, and "M"asochism. With increasing popularity in books and movies like 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM is no longer a spooky or weird concept.
    Practicing BDSM in a relationship can be very enjoyable for both sides, and couples who engage in BDSM often see it as a form of building trust or sharing their sexual fantasies. BDSM includes a wide range of sexual activities and dynamics which allow each person to approach BDSM sex in many different ways. However, before engaging in more intense forms of BDSM, make sure to communicate with your partner some safe words, consent, and boundaries. Let's explore safe and practical ways to enjoy BDSM and discuss how to incorporate it into your relationship.

    Rena Martine

    Rena Martine is a women's intimacy coach, writer, and speaker with a mission to help women love their bodies, experience deep intimacy and have great sex, shame-free. Before becoming a coach, Rena spent 14 years as a Deputy District Attorney with the Los Angeles County D.A.'s Office where she specialized in sex crimes and domestic violence cases. Her signature Shameless coaching program has transformed the lives of nearly 100 women (and counting!) by helping them liberate themselves from sexual shame.


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