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    How To Wear Lingerie In Public | BraTopia

    Kim Kardashian Lingerie Outfit

    Can I Wear Lingerie Outside?

    We've got so many questions asking if it's OK to wear lingerie in public. Our answer is... Why Not?! Wearing lingerie in public has become a huge trend. We've seen Kim Kardashian has all been spotted in public in bedroom wear.

    Lingerie outfit is now totally acceptable and even charming... but some of you may be afraid to wear lingerie outside. Don't be! We are not saying people would come out only in their lingerie; they wear a lace bodysuit as a top with jeans for example.


    What Lingerie Can I Wear In Public?

    The one lingerie piece we highly recommend for every body shape is a lace bodysuit or teddy, as there are tons of styling options for bodysuits/teddy. A bodysuit is an all-in-one lingerie piece, very similar to a one-piece swimsuit. Teddy is included in bodysuits, but typically a little bit sexier. Click here to shop now.

    Also, bustier is another great piece for lingerie outfit! It goes perfectly with jeans and skirts, even with blazers. Click here to shop now.


    How Do I Wear Lingerie Outside?

    One of the most popular combinations is a lace bodysuit with a blazer and jeans. That will be the easiest way to wear lingerie outside of the bedroom. The look is ideal for a night out or for wearing during the day as well.

    Another suggestion is to wear black sexy bras with sheer tops or off-shoulder sweaters. This look will be more casual than bodysuit outfits, but still creates seductive vibes.


    Looking for lingerie that can be worn as an everyday outfit? Call 403-457-1303 to book your free appointment, and leave the rest up to us! OR Click here to book online.

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