3 Tips for Choosing the Right Shapewear | BraTopia

    3 Tips for Choosing the Right Shapewear | BraTopia

    Did you know that shapewear is a must-have for every body shape? Even for those who wouldn't need a tummy control at all! Of course, shapewear smooths your curves up, but it also makes your body straight and firm as it provides compression and supports your back, which is amazing. Moreover, shapewear helps in improving your posture by reducing pain in the lower back and lumbar area. But choosing the right shapewear isn't that easy. Why? Because each brand has different sizing standards and features. So today, BraTopia is here to help you find the perfect shapewear piece for your special or even everyday outfits.


    1. Try it on.

    Whenever you want to purchase a shapewear piece, we highly recommend you try it on before you buy. Because even if it fits you, there might be another size that fits you better. A common mistake is buying the wrong size, and that will cause bulges and ripples which could ruin the smooth fit. Most shapewear is pretty true-to-size, but some of them are just different in size. So, we always strongly recommend you try it on first.


    2. Make sure you know WHEN you'll wear it & WHAT you'll wear it with.

    Each shapewear has a different degree of control, so make sure what control level you need. We recommend light-medium control shapewear if you are looking for something for everyday use, but you will be more satisfied with medium-high control shapewear if you want to have something for your tight dress or tops. Light control also smooths out bulges well, but a higher level of control will even stop jiggling. 


    3. Choose the right style

    Did you know that shapewear comes in several different styles? Pick the right style depending on your styling needs. For example, if you are wearing a strapless dress, you should go for a brief, leg brief, or thong as the bodysuit comes with shoulder straps and you may not want to show them.

    Shaping bodysuits are usually recommended when you want full coverage for the full-body, including the breast area. You can wear it every day for sure, but it's more suitable for the special occasion as it has a high level of control.

    Shaping briefs are recommended if you are looking for something mostly focused on tummy control, and leg briefs are recommended when you want more coverage for your thighs and hips. Shaping thongs are recommended if you prefer thongs but also want tummy control.


    We have various styles of shapewear in different sizes, up to 4XL!

    Come visit us at 102 4 Street NE, Calgary OR Click Here to shop now.

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