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    Booby Tape

    Booby Tape

    Booby Tape

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    Booby Tape ensures a breast lift with support regardless of breast size, allowing you to go braless with no concerns.

    • Latex-free
    • 5m roll
    • For all sizes and shapes
    • Cotton, Spandex, Adhesive, Acrylic


    Before applying the tape...

    • Do a patch test. Apply a small piece of Booby Tape on your breast area and leave it on for 24 hours. This is to ensure you are not sensitive or allergic to the tape or the adhesive.
    • Apply to clean skin. Make sure to apply this tape to clean and dry skin.
    • Use nipple covers. Nipple covers are highly recommended prior to applying the tape. This will also make the removal of the tape much more comfortable and easier.
    • Round the corners of each strip. Trim off the corners of each strip before applying it. This allows the tape to sit firmly against your skin.
    • Stretch your body part, not the tape. This allows your rounded breast to look lifted and not flattened.
    • Do not wear it for more than 6 hours. The longer you wear the tape, the stickier the adhesive gets. We highly recommend only wearing the tape for a maximum of 6 hours. Prolonged use can cause irritation and discomfort especially when removing tape.


    When removing the tape...

    • Peel it off slowly. Booby Tape comes off easily if you peel it off gently and carefully. 
    • Do not use the "ripping off a band-aid" method. It might seem like an easy way if you just rip the tape off like you would a band-aid. However, this can severely damage your skin and cause irritation.
    • Use lotion or body oil. For a smoother removal, soak your tape with lotion or body oil.
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