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    Body Tape With Dispenser

    Body Tape With Dispenser

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    Fashion without irritation! Our Body Tape secures garments effortlessly. Ideal for wrap dresses, off-shoulder shirts, and bra straps. Hypoallergenic 3M Medical grade adhesive in a chic, portable dispenser ensures no wardrobe malfunctions. Perfect for quick fixes at home, the office, or in your car. A fun and chic gift for everyone.

    Key Features:
    • Versatile Use: Secure wrap dresses, off-shoulder shirts, and bra straps.
    • Hypoallergenic: Made with superior quality 3M Medical grade adhesive.
    • Convenient Dispenser: Easy-to-use with 9 meters of double-sided fashion tape.
    • Prevents Fashion Faux Pas: Temporarily fixes wardrobe malfunctions.
    • Portable Solution: Keep one in your car, office, and home for quick fixes.
    • 9 meters of Fashion Tape in each dispenser.
    • Double-sided adhesive for secure garment attachment.
    • Fun, chic, and portable Body Tape dispenser.
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