Let's Get Sporty! Sports Bras That Look & Feel So Good, You'll forget They're Sports Bras

    Let's Get Sporty! Sports Bras That Look & Feel So Good, You'll forget They're Sports Bras

    It' s finallllllllllly summer, and you know what that means..... bike rides, hikes, swimming, water skiing, and those hot summer jogs that leave your sports bra absolutely soaked... Ew. We all want to be outside enjoying nature and being active during these hot summer days, but finding a sports bra that doesn't almost drown you in sweat after a hike, or make your girls feel like they've taken a beating after a run, can be the most challenging task of all.

    It should be easy to find a sports bra that is actually meant for sports, but sadly, that's not the case. Most sports bras that are comfortable aren't supportive, the ones that are supportive aren't comfortable, the ones that are stylish aren't breathable, and the ones that are breathable look like they should only be worn by women over the age of 80. At BraTopia, we are passionate about women feeling comfortable, beautiful, supported, and confident while working out and participating in all types of sports. This is why we offer a HUGE variety of bounce-proof sports bras that are breathable, comfortable, and sexy. No more sore boobs, no more sweat stains! We have underwired and non-wired sports bras, as well as padded and non-padded sports bras. All of our sports bras also have adjustable straps , and are offered in a wide range of cup sizes. Small, medium, and large just aren't good enough anymore, that's not how bras fit so why would that be how sports bras fit? Sports bras need mold to the breasts just like any other bra in order to offer that maximum support that you need during high impact sports.

    We are currently hosting a sale where all items from the Pour Moi collection are now 15% off, and this includes sports bras. Lucky for you, Pour Moi carries some of our absolute fave sports bras, including the Energy Empower Wired Lightly Padded Convertible Sport Bra!!! This sale ends June 27th, so you guys need to take advantage of this amazing sale and get your hands on some high quality sports bras for 15% less. Summer is the best season to be active and we should all feel comfortable and sexy doing so, which is why a good sports bras needs to be your next summer 2021 staple! 

    Call 403-457-1303 or visit shop.bratopia.ca to book an appointment, and come join us at our beautiful new Bridgeland location, located at 102 4th Street NE :)

    See you soon!

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