EMPREINTE: Sizing Guide

    EMPREINTE: Sizing Guide

    Now we all know Empreinte offers the best quality bras, but does that mean we are ready to have Empreinte collections? Well no, not yet! Empreinte is a little bit different in sizing, so it's very essential to understand how it works. Why? The answer is simple, it's not cheap! We don't want our customers to spend more than $200 on the bras that wouldn't work for them. 



    Then how can we find the perfect bras from Empreinte? First of all, we strongly recommend you all to visit our store for a fitting (it's totally free!). Bra fitting does help find products that work for your specific body shape, and our fitters will stay with you for 45 minutes, until you find something really good. Of course each fitting will be different, depending on the customer's preference; some might want to be measured but then shop alone, but some might be interested in 'full fitting' to have a full attention from their fitters.



    Either way works great, - If you can have a fitting with our consultants, go for it, and ask them to find a perfect bra from Empreinte. But of course, some of you may not be able to make it and want to buy something online. Then, you need to be more careful about the size, and that's why this post has been uploaded!



    For Empreinte, you may want to go down in the cups. For example, I'm a full-cup 34G in other brands, but I wear 34F in Empreinte. Why? Empreinte has a very deep and full cup shape, so most of the customers feel more comfortable when they try smaller cup sizes. However, that is not always the case; some of you might have very full-cup busts, and then true size will work better. That's why we always recommend to have a fitting with our experts. Now we offer an online fitting service for free as well, so don't worry. We are already here for you!




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