BraTopia and French Postcard presents the workshop ‘Getting It: How to Have Healthy Hookups’ with Allison Moon.  


    BraTopia and French Postcard presents the workshop ‘Getting It: How to Have Healthy Hookups’ with Allison Moon.  

    Casual sex can be fun, freeing, and hot. But to make the most of a no-strings-attached romp, it helps to have some skills in place. Learn from proudly promiscuous sex educator & author of Girl Sex 101 and the new Getting It: A Guide to Hot Healthy Hookups and Shame-Free Sex, as she guides you through the communication tools, self-assessments, and negotiation skills necessary to make hooking up safe and fulfilling for everyone.  

    Topics include:  

    You 101;  
    the basics of sexual negotiation;  
    finding compatible partners;  
    pleasure & orgasm; and much, much more!  

    You'll leave with more confidence to pursue a fun and fulling sex life no matter if it's for a night or for a lifetime. 
    When: January 12th, 2022. At 6pm MST. Online only 

    Love your body Event with Guest Speaker Lynn C.Cox

    Date: December 13th at 6:00 pm GMT

    BraTopia is hosting an event with a great and successful woman Lynn C. Cox as our guest speaker, Lynn C. Cox is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and she uses this multi-award-winning therapy to help clients unearth root cause issues, extract harmful beliefs and recode them. She also treats a range of issues including anxiety, depression, addictions, performance, and more. Lynn has a passion for people, psychology, ancient philosophies, wellness, and her half-pug Jimmy. Her greatest joy is seeing clients overcome issues and transform their lives. Her maxim is Power, Freedom, and Truth.

    Be ready for:

    • See that you are NOT alone!  
    • Understand the rules of the mind  
    • Learn how we are hard-wired to crave sugar and fat  
    • Know what the types of overeaters are and identify which you are  
    • Be armed with wellness hacks  
    • Experience a transformational meditation to help code in true love and appreciation for your body  
    • Replace feelings of shame and guilt with love and acceptance 
    • Receive a free 15-minute guided meditation for Radical Body and Self Love 


    Ensure that you have a space where you can be seated with your head supported, and/or lying down for the 15-minute guided meditation.


    Dirty Talk Webinar with Guest Speaker Tina Horn

    Date: November 17th at 6:00 pm GMT

    BraTopia is hosting a webinar with the amazing Tina Horn as our guest speaker. Tina is a writer, teacher, and media-maker with her main interest being sexual subcultures, and much much more! We are so excited to be hosting this naughty and educational event for all of our beautiful customers! Join us for an hour-long dirty-talk webinar, in which we will be learning how to express ourselves vocally in the bedroom for our pleasure and our partners. Be ready to learn, gossip, experiment, and expand your sexual horizons. More info to come :)