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About BraTopia

Before BraTopia, bra shopping had been one thing for me, MISERABLE! Nothing ever seemed to fit right and I was frequently doubling up my sports bras just to get enough support to go for a run. My body type and size was average, so why weren’t stores carrying product for me and for thousands of other woman who, like me, just wanted a good fitting bra? This was the genesis for BraTopia. I wanted to change the bra shopping narrative for myself and for all women who DESERVED a place that made them feel good and where they could get a fun, sexy or every day bra that fit.

Recently, myself and my amazing team of powerful women sat down and talked about what makes BraTopia unique. We put our purpose down on paper: To ignite self-love and empower women. Every day. Every shape. One of the ways we fulfill our purpose is empowerment through education with female empowerment events! Stay tuned to our social media for updates about our next event!

Connect With BraTopia


BraTopia is passionate about supporting our community, as we believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. If you are interested in partnering with BraTopia or having BraTopia be a part of your event or silent auction, we would love for you to get in touch. Please email us at

Private Events

Are you looking for something unique, fun and informational to do? Get your group together for your BraTopia party today and learn about everything from properly fitting bras to how to use accessories to make the most of your lingerie. Connect with us by phone, email, or instant chat on our website for more information on our private party options.

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