Summer is right here! | BraTopia

    Summer is right here! | BraTopia

    Have you checked the weather for next week? It will be super hot, hitting 30°C!

    Let's be active and cool by drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly. What else? Plan an active vacation! There are tons of activities that can make your summer more fun, but of course... the first thing that comes to our mind is to go for a swim! However, you might hesitate just because finding the perfect swimwear isn't easy at all. But don't worry, we offer gorgeous swimwear collections in more than 140 cup sizes!

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    We believe most of you already know what bikinis are. A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit, like a bra and panty; bikini tops usually fit like a bra as well. Our bikinis come in bra sizes, which will provide much more accurate support and fit. Click here to shop now.



    Tankini is a two-piece swimsuit as well, but the top is more like a tank top instead of bra. It will be perfect if you are looking for a two-piece swimsuit but also want to shield skin from the sun. Click here to shop now.



    There is no right or wrong answer in the bikini vs one-piece debate, but obviously one-piece swimwear will be a better choice if you want to choose the amount of skin you want to show off. Wearing a one-piece swimsuit can boost your confidence if you think bikinis are too much for you, but obviously it depends on your taste not your body shape. Click here to shop now.


    Do you want to have a swimwear fitting with experts? Don't worry, we also offer the fitting consultation for swimwear customers too! Call us at 404-457-1303 to book a free appointment, or come visit us!

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