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    Good Fit vs Bad Fit | BraTopia

    More than 90% of women are not aware of their correct bra sizes, and they still don't feel comfortable in the bras even after they do the research. However, we still need to try to find the perfect fit and comfort and stop wearing uncomfortable bras. Why? Our breasts always need to be supported whether they are large or small, because they don't have a muscle. They are literally delicate glandular tissues, and they can be damaged easily if they don't have enough and proper support.

    Of course having a bra fitting is the easiest and best solution... But we also understand that sometimes we just want to figure out on our own before asking somebody for help or there are some restrictions such as time or location issues.

    Today we will be sharing a few tips about what the good or bad fit looks like, with the resources from Panache, as follows:

    Make sure your breasts are completely encased within the wire and sit flat against the body. If your breasts are bulging over the cups, you will need to try a larger cup size.

    Make sure the bra stays in place even when you lift your arms. If the wires lift under the band when your arms are raised, you will need to try a smaller band.

    Make sure your underband is firm and comfortable enough. If the underband is riding up, that means the back size is too big.

    But some of you may find it still challenging, don't worry. Book an in-person fitting appointment with our fit experts, or Try our online fitting service if you want to have a fitting at home! 

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