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Summer Swimwear Trends of 2019…..

Summer Swimwear Trends of 2019

Warmer weather is taking Alberta in full force, which means that it’s time to reassess your swimsuit inventory. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, taking a dip in a mountain hot spring or just taking a few pics for the ‘gram, it’s always best to do so wearing the hottest trends of the year. Here’s a few of our favourite swimwear trends for summer 2019, and why they’re perfect for your body type.


If you’re hoping for a suit that can create the appearance of a smaller tummy, try out a ruched one piece or tankini. Ruching helps minimize the look of your tummy while emphasizing feminine curves.


If you’re a bit bustier, opt for a suit with thicker shoulder straps and an underwire. This will help you feel secure while you take a dip or hang out on the beach. Suits with an underwire give you a little lift and keep you in place. Try out this gorgeous deep purple suit by Fantasie.


If you’re looking for a suit which provides you with full coverage and flexibility, it might be time to give a tankini a go. These are also great if you have a longer body and have a difficult time finding a one piece that fits you. Bonus points go to tankinis because they double as a cute top for poolside cocktails as well!


Textured suits are huge this year. If you’re looking for something subtler than a coloured pattern, try a textured piece like the Panache Anya Voyage (right) to spice up your summer look.

Bright colours are in!

Soft, muted colours will always have a place in our hearts, but if you’re looking for a sexy suit for this summer, give something bright a go. If solid bold colours aren’t your thing, opt for a suit with a colourful pattern instead. If you want to make your booty pop, try patterned bottoms paired with a solid coloured top.

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