Sneak Peek at

Swim Show Miami

July 2017

At the end of July, a few of BraTopia’s staff members flew off to Miami to get a look at the new swimwear collections coming to market in 2018. One staff member states that “when making our decisions for what to bring to the store next year, we compile all the feedback we have received from customers”. Updates on Facebook and Instagram allowed customers to gain a sneak-peek of what could be coming to stores as early as January 2018 and even give their opinion on the pieces.

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anne cole
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bikini zen

Some notable additions to BraTopia’s offerings for swim wear in 2018 include: AnneCole brand swimwear; Skye+, a trendy plus size swimwear line; Maryan Mehlhorn luxury swimwear; and BodyGlove for swim-shorts and classic triangle bikinis! The addition of these and other swimwear styles and collections means that customers will have more variety to choose from in stores. Specifically we wanted to find pieces that will be a great fit on all sizes! Check out our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram to check out the new swimwear for yourself!