Real Stories

BraTopia’s #realstories campaign sought to showcase what motherhood and being a parent truly means. The women featured have shared stories of hardships but most of all stories of resilience! We cannot say thank you enough to the families that participated in what we believe to be a strong message of support. Not just to other mother’s but to anyone who is facing challenging times.

I have always been a single mom and its a struggle
Real stories video part 2
Mom and kids
Strong woman
Life really is Very Short
Mom Hug
Real Stories Video part 1

Many women recall feeling alone, but they were shown that there are many people rallying to cheer them on! One of our moms realized that the idea of the “perfect” mom doesn’t exist, when she became a single mom to twins. Another mom faced the tragic fatality of her husband and consequently worked three jobs, all while putting herself through school. All the families that participated had something meaningful to share with us, and hoped to prove to all other women out there that you most definitely are not alone!

Real Stories Video part 3