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    Bristols Six

    Bristols Nippies Tape

    Bristols Nippies Tape

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    Achieving your perfect look has never been easier.

    Our all-new Nippies Breast Tape will help you enhance your natural figure without unwanted bra lines. Made with our exclusive Soft-Stretch™ technology, Nippies Breast Tape can be cut into strips and layered for extra support.

    Gentle on Skin: Our Nippies Breast Tape is made from premium nylon and medical-grade adhesive, gentle on even the most sensitive skin types. It’s hypoallergenic too!

    Colour Options: Nippies Breast Tape comes in various colours, allowing you to match skin tones or dress colours. Go light for bright shirts, swimsuits and dark for evening gowns and dresses.

    Bra Replacement: Ditch uncomfortable wires and visible straps for Nippies Breast Tape. Get the support you need without limiting your wardrobe options.

    Water Resistant: Nippies Breast Tape is water-resistant, allowing you to wear it under your favourite swim apparel to achieve the perfect cleavage. Works great with one or two-piece swimsuits!

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