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One Woman Gets Us All the Answers to Our Questions About Bras. If we’re wearing bras for 
comfort, why are they so uncomfortable?…… Read More

So there’s nothing quite like standing in a change room waiting to try on bras. Actually just thinking about it in the past would have sent me into a panic. Change rooms were places I’d go to torture myself……. Read More

Now BraTopia is in news.View our latest news on CTV Calgary News and know more about Bratopia from Kiara Lengwenus…… View

Q: My girlfriend maintains there is a huge difference between an expensive bra and the cheap ones you buy in a box from a department store. Is this really true?A: I think if you wear a small cup size (A or B) those bras in a box are just fine……. Read More

Calgary’s Child Magazine is the trusted source for news and information about issues, classes, activities and support for families……. Read More

Having kids changes many things about your body. In my case, the girls saw the most damage…….. Read More

Chocolates, roses or something special from the lingerie store, these are gifts TV culture has taught us are the perfect Valentine’s Day deliverables for women. But what about the guy’s gifts?…..Read More

It’s the season of gifting… and reviving holiday Pajama’s! But I run hot – and for me, the thought of fleecy legs and a collar chocking me in my sleep is not my idea of bedtime happiness…..Read More

Looking for a specific brand or maybe something new? BraTopia have 50+ different brands of lingerie. Their fitting consultants will take the time to find you something that you will feel comfortable and supported in…..Read More

Drop by the BraTopia Booth #525&624 at The Wedding Fair and you might be their next top model!…..Read More

ICYMI, bra shopping doesn’t have to be synonymous with disappointment, despair and disaster. It can actually be a fun, rewarding and empowering experience that leaves you feeling on top of the world…..Read More

Think your trusty 5-in-1 bra is what you’re going to wear on your wedding day? Sure, that’s fine – but you paid how much for your dress?…..Read More

Falling bra straps and shoulder divots. Bands that ride up. Wires that poke your ribs. The dreaded back roll. Breasts that spill out of cups. These are just some of the exasperating things women put up with every day…..Read More

At BraTopia, they believe all women are born perfect, and want to help you find the right products to fit your body perfectly. Choose from the large selection of undergarments and lingerie from brands like…..Read More

How do we embrace the place we’re…..Read More
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When you have a strap-snapping, underwire-poking, constantly-in-need-of-re-adjusting brassiere, the only redeeming aspect is the relief you feel when you finally get to take it off……Read More

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I travel a lot and what I most enjoy at the end of a flight, especially a long one, is walking off the plane with my carry-on knowing I don’t have to wait for up to an hour to pick up a checked bag…… Read More

Intimacy is crazy sexy, right? The quiet. The air moving between you. The soft touches. The confidence. The light. The dark. The shadows, the background noise. The sweet touches…… Read More

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