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Which is right for you?

Encapsulated vs. Compression Sports Bras: Which is right for you?

Why does it matter?

It’s important to wear a sports bra that fits properly and gives you adequate support for your exercise of choice. If you aren’t wearing a bra that sufficiently limits your breast movement, you risk damaging your breast tissue irrevocably. Even if you have a smaller cup size, you still risk damaging your breast tissue if you don’t wear a good sports bra. A study done by the University of Portsmouth found that A cup breasts bounce up to 4 cms while exercising, and G cups can move up to 14 cms. Over time, this movement can cause significant changes to your breasts.

Compression Sports Bras

As suggested in the name, these sports bras will compress your breasts to your torso to limit movement while you exercise. As discovered in a study by the University of Portsmouth, breasts move in several directions while you exercise, including in and out from your torso, up and down, and side to side. Compression bras particularly suppress the breast movement in and out from your torso.

In terms of appearance, this kind of bra is often shunned for creating the ‘uniboob’, meaning that the two breasts are not well defined. Furthermore, the lack of breast separation can cause chafing, especially for those with larger breasts. For these reasons, compression sports bras are generally preferred by those with smaller breasts.

Encapsulated Sports Bras

Encapsulated bras feature two separate cups, much like your everyday bras. These bras separate and support each breast individually. This is often a good choice for larger-breasted women, as they provide excellent support. These bras are also better for limiting breast movement in all directions, thereby protecting the breast tissue from stretching over time. Unlike compression sports bras, encapsulated sports bras provide a flattering appearance, as they separate and give shape to the breasts.

At BraTopia, we love encapsulated bras such as the Anita Dynamix Star (pictured in pool blue) and the Panache underwire sports bra (pictured in graffiti).

Which sports bra is the best for me?

Now that you have an idea of what kind of sports bra you’re looking for, stop by BraTopia! Our consultants will help you find the perfect fit and style for you.

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