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Between all the colours, sizes, fits, cuts, and padding options, bra shopping for your preteen or teen can be tricky — especially when it comes to their very first bra. But before you start to panic, we’re sharing our tips, tricks, and top picks to make this experience far more pleasurable, and way less overwhelming, for the both of you……Read More

Encapsulated vs. Compression Sports Bras: Which is right for you?

It’s important to wear a sports bra that fits properly and gives you adequate support for your exercise of choice. If you aren’t wearing a bra that sufficiently limits your breast movement, you risk damaging your breast tissue irrevocably. Our consultants will help you find the perfect fit and style for you……Read More

Summer Swimwear Trends of 2019

Warmer weather is taking Alberta in full force, which means that it’s time to reassess your swimsuit inventory. Here’s a few of our favourite swimwear trends for summer 2019, and why they’re perfect for your body type……Read More

What is the best sports bra for your bust? || Just the tip Tuesday – Dunnebells!

Wether you have 30A or 52DD+, we are talking all things spots bras for every cup size to support you through every workout with special guests BraTopia……. Read More

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