"At BraTopia we believe that all women are born perfect, and it is our role to find foundation garments & swimwear that fit your perfect body perfectly."

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Finding the Right Bra for You

When you enter a lingerie store, you have to be open-minded. Approximately 90% of women are wearing the wrong size bra! Unless you have been professionally fitted, the odds are that you are NOT wearing the proper bra for you.

There are many different options for women when it comes to finding the right undergarment.

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Store Tour

BraTopia is a company that encompasses an all inclusive culture, specializing in a proper bra fitting experience for all sizes A to N, so that women can celebrate their bodies exactly as they are.

You can see the video in full on YouTube at:   Round the Store Tour of BraTopia: Bra & Swim Studio 



As a privately owned lingerie boutique, we strive to bring product lines into our store that are of exceptional quality and at a reasonable price for every woman’s budget. We work hard to bring our clients a wide variety of styles and colors, while also staying up-to-date and trendy!

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